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For beyond the birth to potty

Nappy hire with a difference

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Cloth doesn't have to be a complicated, we will help you find the best options for you


You will receive a personalised consultation, establishing exactly what you want and need.

Nappies delivered to you!

We run a postal service, with hire kits being delivered to anywhere within the UK. Local collection is also available for those living near Dorchester, Dorset.

Ongoing support

You receive continued support throughout your hire including a comprehensive information pack, personalised wash routine and troubleshooting advice to ensure you can use cloth successfully.

Doing our bit for the environment

One cloth nappy at a time

Cant recommend enough! so helpful and knowledgable. sold me a bambinex after months of wasting money to find something for my near 6 year old (who has a bladder condition). finally found one that fits like a glove. your amazing! xx



It amazing to have the option to try out different nappies without having to lose out financially when you realise X Y And Z nappies don’t work for you.

After a week hiring the kit I knew what worked for me and my son at nighttime. It was a smooth and simple service with excellent support, I would recommend to cloth bum parents who are pros and ones who are just starting!

10/10 - thank you so much!


This lady is amazing, massively knows her stuff for even the most large, awkwardly (round) shaped child! Hired a night kit as we were out of “normal” options and he had outgrown all disposables 😬

After a thorough chat we got the kit within a couple of days - EVERYTHING WORKED! I had preferences, but everything fit perfectly and worked brilliantly!

I was completely lost and clueless - being able to hire a fab, and immaculately clean, kit from someone who took the time to know what we needed and has given me so much good advice, really was a huge help - not just to get us through til payday, but then also to spend the budget i did have on exactly what i already knew would work! The linked b/s/t group has also been a lifesaver for sourcing what i need on the nappy front.

Honestly cant say a big enough thank you, or recommend you highly enough!😁 ...and my not so little guy’s bum loves the bones of you!😂


As a foster carer to 0-2s, I wanted to make the switch from disposable to cloth to do my bit for the planet. But I soon became overwhelmed with the vast array of choice and opinions.
Thank goodness for Bigger Bums cloth hire. They have held my hand and walked me through it all. No question was too silly and the answers were prompt and informative.
The service is first class and I wish I’d gone here from the very start.
Thank you so much Bigger Bums!


We’ve managed day time cloth for several years but never conquered night-time. Once our oldest had mastered daytime toilet training at 2.5 we assumed we’d never master night time cloth. Once all our know brands were outgrown we thought “that’s it, there’s nothing else out there for older children so it’s disposables for good”. Then we discovered Bigger Bums. The trial kit is really well stocked and thought out and the support is absolutely fantastic!!! We now have both children in night-time cloth and I’m confident in what to use, and how to use it. Honestly can’t recommend Bigger Bums enough!!! Brilliant idea and brilliant support!!!!!! ❤️❤️


great service and really tries hard to tailor to needs. my daughter is 7 with sen and totally incontinent i struggle to get larger sizes but was great to test different nappies and wraps. this service is def worth trying if your unsure what to use next.


It was great to hire some nappies from this company. They arrived quickly after the birth on my daughter when I contacted Alexa. It took me a while to start using them as I'm a first time mum but I was happy to extend the rental to be able to give it a go. there's everything you need in the box and I found the guide very helpful. Alexa kept in touch during the hire period and was able to answer all my questions and queries about them. I really recommend giving it a go. plus the designs are gorgeous!!


Amazing lady with lots of knowledge! I have used cloth nappies from birth with my son but he has grown out of the regular sized ones. I didn’t want to have to stop using cloth just because he’s bigger and won’t be potty trained for a while as he’s disabled. Alexa spent a lot of time helping me choose the best options for us to borrow, and included all the info we needed to know in a handy booklet. We borrowed the nappies for 4 weeks and now know which brand/style will work for us moving forward, so we didn’t have to waste money buying lots of different ones to try. Great service, thanks!


I'm so glad I discovered Alexa and Bigger Bums. My toddler has nearly outgrown his night time nappies and Alexa helped me decide which ones to hire in a kit. She was easy to contact with any questions along the way and was always quick to respond! Before finding her I nearly bought a brand which we then found out didnt actually work for us! All the rest of the kit did which was great. So handy to hire a selection before committing to buying a bunch. I would definitely recommend. Great service and so useful!


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