I started using cloth nappies when my son was 10 weeks old and quickly fell in love with them; the fun prints, the cute bum, knowing less disposables will go to landfill are great aspects, even washing them hasn’t deterred my enthusiasm.

Now my boy is a big boy who weighed just shy of 28lb by 9 months old and I could see him rapidly outgrowing these beautiful nappies. As it turns out I was right! He is now 17kgs at 2.5 years old and has long since outgrown his birth to potty nappies.
When I initially looked at the next size up I found there was much more limited choice available, they are more expensive and seem to rarely come up for sale second hand. There are a handful of places you can hire bigger nappies but they are few and far between and even less that post. If you want to try new or excellent condition ones you are completely out of luck.

This inspired me to start up a business hiring out excellent condition second hand nappies for those that weigh between 35-100lbs.
Over the first year of business I have grown from around 40 nappies and a couple of kits to over 200 nappies, with many combination of day and night nappies, mini and full time hire kits. I have recently expanded to include 3 newborn and 1 birth to potty hire kit to help people at all stages of their cloth journey and started retailing the beautiful Kijani night pull ups.
I love being able to support people at any age and stage of needing cloth nappies and breaking the image that they are only for babies and toddlers. Over time I would like to expand more into sizes to fit teenagers and adults too because no one should be restricted in what they can and can't use.

Sincerely, Alexa Clarke