Frequently asked questions

Why hire cloth nappies?

Hiring nappies gives you the opportunity to try a whole variety of styles, types and makes to see exactly what works for you and your child. This saves you time, money and stress caused by buying nappies that then don't work for you and then selling them on.

Why hire from Bigger Bums Cloth Nappy Hire?

We guarantee the nappies in our hire kits are in excellent condition, either brand new or sanitised to high standards to ensure the safety of your child. We provide personalised wash routines to fit with your lifestyle and preferences. Ongoing support throughout the hire period and are always happy to provide ongoing support and advice even after hire.

As an added bonus, we also provide the opportunity to buy select nappies in your hire kit for 20% off RRP if you fall in love with them.

How long can I hire for?

Standard hire period is for 4 weeks, however you have the option of a long term hire for 16 weeks for half the weekly price. Long term hire is perfect if you think your child is near potty training or if you want to fully utilise the hire kit before buying your own. 

What do I get in the nappy kit?

You receive the nappies requested, along with extra boosters, fleece liners and a booklet detailing the nappies included, wash guidelines, fit guide and terms and conditions of hire.

Are the nappies used or brand new?

The kits are predominantly made up with excellent condition, sanitised nappies which are ready for you to use. However there may also be a few brand new nappies too which will need washing prior to use to remove factory residue and increase absorption. 

How are the nappies cleaned between hirers?

All prefolds, muslins, terries, boosters, inserts and fleece liners go through a 90 degree wash with a full dose of detergent and oxy stain remover. All items with PUL are bleach sanitised at the HSE recommendations of 150ppm concentration to disinfect low risk items and washed at 60 degrees with a full dose of detergent and oxy stain remover. Once washed the nappies are tumble dried to keep them nice and soft for your use.

This ensures that the nappies are adequately sanitised to kill any potential pathogens and break down ammonia. It also ensures the nappies are visibly clean, smell fresh and stain free.

How do I sanitise nappies?

I sanitise all kits between hirers so you do not need to sanitise your hire kit either before or after use.

However if you go on to buy 2nd hand nappies or if your child develops a fungal infection or suspected ammonia build up then you may wish to sanitise them. To do this simply start with clean nappies, then do a 30 minute soak in diluted bleach (sodium hypochlorite) followed by a 60 degree wash with full dose of detergent for low soiling.

To work out how much bleach is needed you can use this calculator to establish how to create a bleach concentration of 150ppm.

Or if you want personalised sanitise advice based on your washing machine, bleach and purpose of sanitising, ie fungal vs ammonia vs mould (plus washing machine guide and detergent index) then clean cloth nappies have a great calculator you can access for roughly £8.22 for 3 months or £16.43 per year.

How do I wash the nappies?

Please see our wash guide. You will also receive the option for a personalised wash routine if you would like it.

How do I get the nappies and how do I send them back?

We can post to anywhere within the UK. Nappies are posted to you within 7 days of ordering the hire kit and hire starts once you have received them.

You are to post the hire kit back on of before the end date of the hire period.

Can I extend the hire?

In most instances yes you can extend the hire 1-4 weeks at a time, subject to availability. If you think you would like to keep them for longer then please let us know as soon as possible.

Can I send the nappies back early and have unused weeks refunded?

You may send the nappies back early but you will not receive a refund of the unused weeks. If you are having any difficulties with the nappies please get in touch, if you need extra boosters or fit advice then we can help. We may be able to exchange some nappies for a small fee too if you are not getting along with specific brands in your hire kit.

When do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit is returned once the nappies are recieved back, in their entirety and in good condition. For further information see terms of hire.