'Cub' Kit (45-60lbs)

'Cub' Kit (45-60lbs)

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The Cub kit is designed to fit children weighing between 45-60lbs.

Three kit sizes are available:

Trial kit: 5 nappies, £3 per week. Great for those on a tight budget.

Part time kit: 14 nappies for £8 per week. Ideal if you want to try everything available.

Full time kit: 22 nappies for £12 per week. Ideal if you want to try everything available.

Hire is for 4 weeks, deposit must be selected when adding to cart.

If you know what you want, choose your nappies from the following and enter them in the comments box at checkout.if you are unsure just list your general requirements.

Day nappies:

  • Applecheaks size 3, pocket
  • Bumgenius BIG, pocket
  • Bells Bumz junior pocket
  • Grovia big O.N.E, all in one
  • Imagine baby XL, pocket
  • Petite Crown Trima Plus, snap in 2
  • Frog and Bear XL pocket
  • Continence People XS 

Night nappies (fitted nappies):

  • Easy Peasy Bumper
  • Snuggleblanks Superwetter XXL
  • Bells Bumz junior hemp 
  • Topsy and Bo 2XL fitted

Pull ups

  • Kijani pull up large
  • Topsy and Bo 2XL
  • Hippy Nut pull up
  • Motherease medium bedwetter (next available
  • Bells Bumz junior pull up


  • Seedling Comodo plus
  • Thirsties size 3
  • Kijani XL
  • Kijani 8-12yrs
  • Bells Bumz junior 
  • Pumpkin and Pickle pull up cover


  • Grovia size 4 prefold
  • Kings of my castle 70cm hemp terry square
  • Thirsties size 2 hemp prefold
  • Applecheaks XL 3ply trifold

Kits come with extra boosters and fleece liners as standard.