Orion's pull-ups
Orion's pull-ups
Orion's pull-ups
Orion's pull-ups
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Orion's pull-ups

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These versatile pull-ups have been designed with the growing child in mind. They come with 3 layers of bamboo sewn into the athletic wicking jersey lining, providing the perfect potty-training pull-up with enough absorbency to catch a small wee. 

For the child needing full absorbency but also determined to roll, crawl, or run away during nappy changes, you can pull them up on the move and the pocket provides room for additional boosting of your choice.

For night use and heavy wetter’s, I recommend the Orion's Snake Insert (bought separately); this long insert is made from 2 layers of bamboo/cotton and 1 layer of hemp/cotton and can be folded to exactly where your child needs the most absorbency. When the nappy is on its smallest rise the snake insert will fit folded into 3, giving 12 layers (7 bamboo/3 hemp) providing a whopping 4000gsm of absorbency! 

Key features:

  • All-in-one design with built-in absorbency to minimise leaks and aid ease of use.
  • Recycled PUL to improve sustainability.
  • Fits low on the waist to fit better under clothing and reduce bulk.
  • Soft rolled elastics eliminate uncomfortable red marks around the thighs.
  • Athletic wicking jersey pocket lining to keep the skin cool and dry.
  • Thick front and back elastic and stretchy side tabs allow for the pull-ups to easily be pulled up and down by the child or parent.
  • Side snaps are positioned further around the side of the child so that no uncomfortable snaps dig into the hips and allow for the determined child to have the pull-up fastened while lying on their front or facing away from you.
  • 4 rows of rise snaps provide full adjustability with the growing child.
  • 3 sizes to fit children from 12 months to 12 years old.


Outer: Recycled PUL (Polyurethane laminate)

Inside lining: Athletic wicking jersey

Absorbency: x3 layers 70% bamboo/30% cotton.


Size 1: 10-22 kgs (22-48 lbs), Waist 18-26" Rise 17-19" Thigh 14-19"
Size 2: 22-36 kgs (48-80 lbs), Waist 21-30" Rise 19-22" Thigh 16-24"
Size 3: 36-50 kgs (80-110 lbs), Waist 24-36" Rise 21-24" Thigh 18-27"

These sizes are a rough guide as to what may fit best. As each child has different proportions, shape and size it may be that your child's weight category may fit in a different size pull up and therefore waist, rise and thigh measurements have been given to ensure an optimal fit.

Please bare in mind these sizes do NOT correlate with traditional cloth nappy sizing (1 (newborn), size 2 (birth to potty) and size 3 (toddler)), but are designed to fit children from roughly 12 months old through to 12 years old.

Washing instructions

See the wash guide here.

More sizes will come in due course.

The beautiful prints have been painted by the talented Australian artist Jennifer Mullen.