Orion's snake insert

Orion's snake insert

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This long snake insert is designed to fit Orion's cloth pull-ups, however can be the perfect addition to any larger brands of cloth nappy. 

Why use a snake insert? Because its flexible allowing it to be folded exactly where the child needs absorbency and it means instead of stuffing, washing and hanging up 2, 3 or 4 inserts for every nappy, you only have 1!

Perfect for night use and heavy wetter’s, this long insert is made from 2 layers of bamboo/cotton and 1 layer of hemp/cotton. When the nappy is on its smallest rise the snake insert will fit folded into 3, giving 12 layers (7 bamboo/3 hemp) providing a whopping 4000gsm of absorbency! When using on a larger nappy or with the Orion's pull-up on the largest rise the insert will fit the nappy folded into 2 giving 9 layers (7 bamboo/ 2 hemp) providing a generous 3000 gsm of absorbency.

The snap on one end of the insert can be snapped into the Orion's cloth nappy pull-up to avoid slipping down and causing leaks.


This insert comes in 3 sizes to fit the three sizes of Orion's pull-ups, it is recommended that you buy the size insert that goes with the corresponding size pull up:

Size 1: 10-22 kgs (22-48 lbs). 31" long.
Size 2: 22-36 kgs (48-80 lbs). 41" long
Size 3: 36-50 kgs (80-110 lbs). 49" long


2 layers 70% bamboo/30% cotton
1 layer 55% hemp/45% cotton

Washing instructions

See the wash guide here.