Toddler kit 30-45lbs

Toddler kit 30-45lbs

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These nappies are designed for those that have just outgrown birth to potty/size 2 nappies and need the next size up. They all fit around 30-45lbs.

Toddler nappy hire comes in 3 sizes:

Mini kit: 5 nappies for £5 per week, perfect for those on a tight budget or know exactly what they want to try.

Part time kit: 12 nappies for £10 per week, great if you just want a selection of day or night nappies.

Full Time kit of 18 nappies, 6 wraps, 3 prefolds and 1 hemp terry square for 4 weeks for £15 per week. Ideal if you want to try everything!

Long term hire of full time kit: 16 week hire, perfect for those who may potty train over the next few months.

Minimum 4 weeks hire plus £40 refundable deposit.

Choose your nappies from:

Day nappies:

  • Alva junior, pocket
  • Applecheaks size 3, pocket
  • Best Bottom Bigger, snap in 2
  • Bumgenius BIG, pocket
  • Ellas house bumslender XL, fitted nappy 
  • Grovia big O.N.E, all in one (out to hire)
  • Imagine baby XL, pocket
  • Little lamb size 3, pocket
  • Petite Crown Trima Plus, snap in 2
  • TJ junior, pocket

Night nappies (fitted nappies):

  • Little lamb size 3 bamboo (velcro or nippa fastening)
  • Tots bots bamboozle  size 3
  • Ellas house bumhugger XL
  • Easy Peasy Bumper
  • Motherease Toddlease

Night nappies (pull ups)

  • Kijani  pull up small
  • Topsy and Bo XL
  • Motherease Bedwetter small


  • Little Lamb size 3
  • Popolini Vento XL
  • Seedling Comodo plus
  • Thirsties size 3
  • TJ junior
  • Tots bots size 3
  • Motherease Rikki XL


  • Grovia size 4 prefold
  • Kings of my castle 70cm hemp terry square
  • Thirsties size 2 hemp prefold

Kits come with extra boosters and fleece liners as standard.

When ordering the full time kit occasionally a nappy may need to be substituted for a duplicate nappy so that you may receive up to 2 of the same brand. Specifics of the kit will be confirmed prior to posting.